North Central 'O' Gaugers Model Railroad Club, Inc.


A Model Railroad Club for members who like to run 'O' Gauge Trains

To learn more about our Model Railroad Club, here is an Introductory Letter.


Welcome to the North Central O Gauge Model Railroad Club

A Model Railroad Club for individuals who like to run O Gauge Trains and share their interest with like minded individuals.

The club has monthly train runs on the 3rd Saturday of every month. Members bring their trains and operated them for the public. This event has an average of over 60 visitors on each of these days.

The relocated layout consists of three loops of track set up to run Lionel Trains with Cab 1, Legacy, and conventional operation, as well as MTH, K Line, and Williams by Bachmann engines. A member can come to the layout on the second Saturday of the month or by contacting one of the members who has a pass key to allow entry into the facility at other times. Operation of trains is encouraged once the member is familiar with the general operations of the power supplies. Only members are allowed inside the train area.

In addition to the monthly train runs there are special runs. This is done on a modularized operating traveling layout with 3 tracks. The modules are housed in a trailer and the club seeks to set-up for a minimum of 4 local events in Lake, McHenry, and Cook Counties of Illinois, and have even run trains in communities just into Wisconsin. Special runs are on a single day, Saturday. Member participation is encouraged for both the setup and to bring their trains for the run. A typical special run lasts approximately 6 hours. The layout is decorated in themes such as Halloween, Holidays, and Carnival/Circus. The club is reimbursed for these runs and this is a significant source of income. These one day runs usually average over 600 visitors.

The club also does an occasional Community Service run. These runs are provided on a no-charge basis. During the year a Saturday or two is designated as member only days called "Non-Picnic Days". Members run trains from 9 to 4 on this day, and some members bring in lunch and soft drinks to share. On those days the public is not invited. We often include a swap meet for members to sell trains to other members.

The club also has a guest program, whereby an individual who has an O Gauge train they would like to run on our tracks has the opportunity to do so at no cost. In addition, the club has a member who is very good at repairing trains and is willing to help them get their engines running.

Membership dues are $100.00 per year. The train club was formerly located on the second floor of the Fremont Public Library. After 20 plus years at the Fremont Public Library, the library is reclaiming the floor space and will be undergoing renovations to the area for library patrons. A group of members dismantled the original layout and have relocated some of the modules to a new location which are now setup and this allows members to once again run trains. The club members have high hopes that in the not too distant future, they will again have a larger permanent layout in the Mundelein area, open to the public, to come and watch the trains.

Thank you for your interest. The Board of the North Central O Gaugers Model Railroad Club Inc. welcomes your questions and comments, and invites you to visit our Website:

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